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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sunday Coupons

Sunday's almost here again! Do you get excited when you find out what coupons will be in the paper? Or does that mean I have no life? Either way, if you are anxious to see what coupons are going to be coming out this weekend, go here to head on over to the Sunday Coupon Preview! Get your scissors ready!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Stay at Home Moms

How many of you are SAHM or would love to be? I am not, but have many friends who are or who are on their way to being SAHM!

I have heard comments from people that SAHM don't work, they just sit around the house all day watching TV. If only! I'm a mom that works all day, and I definitely don't get to go home and just sit in front of the TV! As they say, a mom's work is never done!

I came upon this blog today, and wanted to share it, I hope it is a good find for some! I found some really good ideas!

Drowning in Coupons

So, I finally got my coupon binder, and I think I have re-organized a time or two. On one hand, I missed there being coupons in the paper yesterday, on the other hand, this gives me a week to catch up! I have a bag FULL of coupons that I need to organize! AHHH!!!  So, if anyone needs coupons, email me! I will gladly send you some if I have any your looking for!

Monday, April 11, 2011

What to expect this week

Another weekend already gone? How did that happen? On a brighter note, another Sunday paper full of coupons! Yay! How exciting could that get?

Yes, my hubby looks at me weird when I see a coupon that really gets me excited! What can I say! I can't help it!

I'm hoping to get more people to follow! Invite all your friends! This is just new and starting. Any tips, tricks, etc would be appreciated! Any certain bargains you want to share? Feel free!

Working Moms

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Organizing with Style

Every couponer has their own way of organizing their coupons.  Whether they have the inserts filed by date, binders, or the accordian files, they have what they like! I found a great site, and I'm hoping to have one soon!  They are Stylin Binders! You can visit them here to see all of their amazing products! They have an Etsy shop, you can buy the pattern directly from them! Go see what they have! I can't wait to get one!